we are invision

We transform
we reimagine
we transcend

Kolkata Knight Riders

we don’t slap logos
we unlock value

Yash Raj Films

Ordinary is not what we are

we go beyond conventionalism


We build brands


We are a growth hacking agency that designs and builds strategies and extension programs for the world's most ambitious brands. We are not your usual business development agency; we are an India entry and expansion strategist, marketing consultant & brand representative. We have introduced a new way to build, create & extend brands
Modern. Pioneering. Results oriented!

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.”

Albert Einstein
At IBC, we don’t just breath businesses into brands, it’s our life – we are growth hackers! Our Team of business development / brand strategists are creative visionaries, partnership builders building cross brand connections whilst bringing brand experiences to life.
We’ve been on the other side of the brand licensing spectrum, we’ve launched brands across retail tiers. We’ve built innovative go-to-market strategies. We understand, connect, and listen to the consumer, retail partner and thus build winning partnerships for your brand
We at #teamIBC are a group of people - a diverse set of business, technology, brand and creative strategists who help the worlds most progressive brands solve problems, seize opportunities and generate growth.
Our bread and butter is building efficient, holistic sales & marketing strategies. We do this with our process. We stay hungry for research, then execute to a T, consistently optimizing and refining to find maximum efficiencies. We do this with our team. Egoless and curious, we share hypotheses and findings with your team and each other to find more streamlined paths to growth.

Services at IBC

We poke, nudge, interrogate, scrutinize, rummage and delve Before we go, seek, design, prototype, build, test & ship.
We build, design, launch and develop brands, partnerships, digital products and online experiences that help our clients grow, innovate, and transform. We listen, learn and understand before we build. We identify your goals together, then use our expertise to find that sweet spot of realistic and impactful.
We are consultants with hands on real world industry experience. We don’t just advise but work in the trenches. Practical and brutally simple cost effective solutions are what we work on, Period!
Phunshuk Wangdu, Chatur Ramalingam, Circuit & Crime Master GoGo – create magic when they get together, so do we!

Brand Strategy

Brand Development.
Marketing partnerships.
Corporate Endorsements.
Media Strategy.
Consumer research.
Events & Experiential.

Line Extensions

New Product Innovations
Online Extensions
New Retail channel development
Joint Ventures


New Product Innovations
Packaging solutions
Brand Identity
Website and collateral

Why Choose Us?

We’re Creative

We’re Punctual

We have magic

We love minimalism

We’re responsible

We're Friendly

What people say?

Invision has been critical in the growth of our brand expansion strategy. The company is filled with great brand strategists who happen to operate in a marketing realm, But it's their thought process that transcends marketing and has much greater impact.

L&M head of a global entertainment company

What people say?

They are a team of smart people doing smart work — they assess the situation, bring in their experience, get smart about the business, and are courageous about execution, which is the best part of working with them - planning to execution, they do it all.

COO of one of the country's largest Licensing company

What people say?

Invision is a holistic consultancy that fills the gap between licensing agency and management consultants. More process and structure than agency, more marketing/brand insight than management consultants. Perfect combination.

Sr. Brand head of a Global brand head.


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